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Welcome to Tradetraks - Empowering Tradespeople for Success


Tradetraks provides cutting-edge software solutions designed specifically for the Trades industry. Our tools improve operational efficiency, financial management, safety compliance, and communication, enabling businesses to achieve their goals with ease and precision.


Our Story

Built by Tradespeople, for Tradespeople

Tradetraks was founded with a mission to solve the everyday challenges faced by professionals in the construction industry. Our journey began when a group of experienced tradespeople identified the need for better tools to manage operations, improve communication, and drive safety in the workplace. Driven by this vision, we developed Tradetraks, a suite of software solutions designed to address the unique needs of the trade industry.

Since our inception, we have been committed to empowering tradespeople with user-friendly, powerful tools that make their jobs easier and more efficient. Our deep understanding of the industry, combined with our passion for innovation, has enabled us to create products that truly make a difference.

Our Solutions

At Tradetraks, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools designed to meet the specific needs of the construction trades industry:

  • FinTrak: Streamline your financial management with intuitive invoicing and expense tracking.
  • SafeTrak: Ensure safety compliance with our comprehensive safety management system.
  • ComsTrak: Enhance communication with your team and clients using our robust platform.
  • OpsTrak: Optimize your operations with our project management and scheduling tools

Meet Our Team

Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to providing exceptional support and innovative solutions. Led by industry experts, we work tirelessly to ensure your success.

Jason Herd

Jason Herd | Founder & CEO

Jason Herd is a seasoned professional in the construction industry and a pioneer in construction software solutions. He began his career at 16, joining the Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program, and quickly advanced through his education, completing a two-year electrical engineering technician program in just 18 months. By 21, he was licensed and managing large projects like the Tim Hortons Field contract.

As vice-president and director of business development at Fairway Electrical Services, Jason helped grow the company from $3.5 million to $20 million. Identifying gaps in operational processes led him to founding Tradetraks, a SaaS platform designed to streamline operations, finance, health and safety, and communication for trades businesses. Under his leadership, Tradetraks has become a disruptive force, empowering tradespeople with innovative tools.

Chad Tiffin

Chad Tiffin | Technical Co-Founder & Lead Developer

Chad Tiffin is a seasoned full-stack software developer with over 20 years of experience. Before joining Tradetraks, he devoted his expertise to assisting startups with their technical challenges and complex builds. Chad excels at building intricate data models and creating scalable, agile project management features. His deep understanding of software development allows him to identify root problems and develop robust solutions from the ground up.

At Tradetraks, Chad leads the development team, ensuring the platform remains at the forefront of technology in the construction software space. His ability to translate complex requirements into user-friendly, efficient solutions makes him an invaluable asset to the team. Chad's commitment to innovation and excellence drives the continuous improvement of Tradetraks' offerings, helping clients achieve their operational goals with greater efficiency and ease.


Michael Hornby | Technical Services Specialist

Michael Hornby brings a wealth of experience to the Tradetraks team as the Technical Services Specialist. With over 20 years in the technology sector, Michael has a proven track record of helping companies overcome complex technical challenges. His expertise spans various domains, including software development, systems integration, and IT project management.

Before joining Tradetraks, Michael worked with several startups, providing strategic technical guidance and innovative solutions that drove their success. His ability to translate technical requirements into practical solutions has made him a valued asset in every team he's been part of. At Tradetraks, Michael's role involves ensuring that the platform remains robust, reliable, and ahead of industry standards, helping clients achieve seamless operational efficiency.

JL Headshot 7

Jim Lamelza | Strategic Advisor

Jim Lamelza serves as the Strategic Advisor at Tradetraks, bringing over 37 years of extensive industry experience to the team. With a distinguished career in the construction and technology sectors, Jim has a proven track record of identifying market opportunities and crafting strategies that drive business success. As the owner of DataBid, he has honed his expertise in delivering innovative solutions that meet the needs of the trades industry.

Jim's deep understanding of industry dynamics and his strategic vision make him an invaluable resource for guiding Tradetraks' growth. His collaborative approach and forward-thinking mindset have consistently helped teams navigate complex landscapes and achieve their goals. At Tradetraks, Jim's role is pivotal in shaping the company's strategic direction and fostering relationships that enhance its market presence.

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"Tradetraks has completely transformed how we manage our HVAC projects. The platform allows me to work remotely, track every job and labor hour in real-time, and ensure compliance with all necessary regulations. Best of all, I can control my business from anywhere." 

Justin Hay, Owner | Northern Clean Energy




"We knew we were losing time because hours paid and billed didn’t match up, same with materials. We couldn’t pinpoint which jobs or tasks. The clock in and clock out feature has improved our billable hours by 16 hours per month per technician (about 10%). Tradetraks is a tremendous tool for improving margins quickly. The ROI is amazing!"

Andrew William, Owner NexGen Electric



"As an electrical contracting company, we needed software that bridged the gap between the office and the field. ComsTrak's versatility is a game-changer. Our team can access and collaborate on project information seamlessly from any device. Since using ComsTrak, we've seen a significant improvement in efficiency, allowing us to focus on growing our business."

Will Dykema, Owner | Cornell Feenstra Electric

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